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Shipping Rates

-All orders placed before 2PM Pacific will be processed and shipped the same day by UPS. Approximate ship times can be obtained on or by emailing us at

-All shipping prices given in the Shopping Cart are approximate, although they are very close to actual shipping costs. In most cases the actual shipping amount will be less than the amount quoted during checkout. In these cases the actual shipping and tax amounts will be charged and the order will be shipped. If the total sale amount is far greater than the amount quoted during checkout, the buyer will be notified of the price difference, and will only be charged if the buyer agrees to the new amount.

Terms & Conditions


Prices quoted do not include any taxes, shipping or handling charges unless otherwise specified by VIS. All quotations expire after a period of thirty days and prices are subject to change after that time. Confirmation of sales orders are sent only by request of the purchaser.


VIS requires a signature copy of approval by the purchaser on any special order. This deems the merchandise non-returnable and non-refundable.


 No refunds, exchanges only. Payment terms and line of credit to be established prior to the first order.


Unless otherwise agreed upon prior to the sale by VIS and the purchaser, possession and title of merchandise transfers upon purchaser’s receipt of the merchandise (FOB Destination) regardless of the method in which said merchandise was delivered. Freight and/or other handling charges shall be agreed upon prior to purchase. VIS reserves the right to select the carrier on all shipments; should the purchaser request an alternate carrier, an additional charge may be assessed. Freight allowances apply only to a single shipment to a single location.


Every effort will be made to deliver materials as soon and as efficiently as possible; however, shipping dates quoted are only estimates and the merchandise will be shipped on the conditions that:

(1) the purchaser has current account standing, and (2) the merchandise is in stock and has been properly handled for shipment.

Orders will be shipped complete unless partial shipments have been previously agreed upon by VIS and purchaser. VIS reserves the right to hold any shipment for an account that is not in current standing and will release merchandise only when account is current. VIS will make a good faith effort to complete delivery of the merchandise, but assumes no responsibility and will accept no back charges for loss or damages due to delivery delay or inability to deliver. Purchaser is responsible to refuse merchandise if it appears damaged upon delivery. See also Returns/Shortages.


Shortages must be reported within three days of the purchaser’s receipt of shipment. VIS and purchaser will agree upon the method in which shortage will be resolved.

All returns must be authorized in writing. Merchandise purchased over thirty days previous does not have to be accepted for return if the merchandise is not defective. A restocking charge may be assessed on merchandise returned for any other reason than defect.

Return Descriptions:

  1. Incorrect Merchandise – (a) The merchandise ordered differs from the merchandise received. (b) The merchandise needed differs from the merchandise ordered. It does not infer the mistake was solely on part of VIS or purchaser; it is up to the discretion of VIS whether a restocking charge will be assessed on merchandise only. VIS and purchaser will agree upon the method in which the return will be resolved prior to processing of the return.
  2. Customer Did Not Need – This does not infer a mistake on the purchaser’s part. It indicates that the merchandise was not defective and the correct merchandise was received by the purchaser. It indicates that the purchaser no longer needs the merchandise. It is up to the discretion of VIS whether a restocking charge will be assessed on merchandise only. VIS and purchaser will agree upon the method in which the return will be resolved prior to processing of the return.
  3. Defective Merchandise – The merchandise will be returned as soon as possible and credit will be processed once credit has been received by VIS from necessary Vendor. VIS has the right to refuse defective merchandise if merchandise looks tampered with or destroyed. Credit will only be given for defective merchandise that does not appear used, old, or damaged by the purchaser.
  4. The restocking charge assessed includes, and is not limited to, necessary freight charges for merchandise return and/or cost to return merchandise to a saleable condition into inventory. The charge will be discussed by VIS and purchaser prior to processing of the credit.


    The amount of sales taxes applicable will be added to the price and will be paid by the purchaser unless VIS is provided with an exemption certificate acceptable to the taxing authorities. VIS holds the right to request an updated exemption certificate at any time.


    Terms: Net 30. A 1-1/2% per month charge on all delinquent accounts. In the event suit is necessary for VIS to recover payment, the purchaser will pay attorney fees and costs, including fees for appeal. Any discrepancies of charges, (merchandise, freight or otherwise), on an invoice shall be made known to VIS within five days of receipt of the invoice. VIS reserves the right to refuse any unwarranted debits to invoices or additional charges on credits. Invoices shall only be processed for merchandise actually received, sales orders reflect the amount of a complete order.